Principal curriculum of information management department:

  1. Basic courses
    introduction t computer application, calculus, economics, principles of management, statistics, accounting, business law, programming design, data structure, introduction to information management, introduction to computer science

  2. Information management and related courses
    decision support system, electronic commerce, final project, software project management, marketing management, operating management, fundamentals of corporate finance, human resources management, system analysis and design, accounting of computer system, information society and logic science

  3. Information technology courses
    computer network and application, database system, data warehouse and explore, network security management, multimedia system, software engineering, artificial intelligence, information security, operating system

  4. List of Required Courses
    download required courses 2015(20151222 update)

  5. Introduction to Classes
    download Introduction to Classes 2015(20151222 update)

  6. Course Enrollment Form
    download Course Enrollment Form 2015(20151222 update)