The development of the department is based on the existing research resources of the school. We create a new concept with the development and management of advanced information technology to establish a comprehensive R&D environment in the system of enterprise information management.

The following is the features.
  1. Emphasize both theory and practice: Central Taiwan Science Park and Taichung Industrial Park are near to Tunghai university. We have more opportunities that students can learn how to combine the theory and the practice.

  2. Counsel students in the internship, the employment and the career: We consider students' personality and career planning; therefore, we encourage students to strive for internships, employment opportunities or continue their studies to accumulate the stronger strength. Under the guidance of our professional faculty, students both bachelor and master are outstanding. They are highly regarded.

  3. Certification Exam: "Digital Marketing and E-commerce Applications" and "Internet of Things and Big Data Applications" are the main development of the Information Management Department. We have the courses lecturing Amazon Web Services (AWS) 、SERP、BI、MTAISO 、ISO 27001、EPCglobal RFID、and EPCIE. In the future, we will include the highly practical certification courses and will encourage students to obtain English certifications. Please refer to the website below to check the curriculum and graduation regulations. http://im.thu.edu.tw

  4. Hardware Equipment: The laboratory of our department equips the seminar classrooms and IoT classroom with VR, PC, and Mac. Otherwise, we still have Cloud server, network intrusion detection/defense system, 3D scanner and 3D printer, eye tracker, brain wave instrument, IoT various modules and Arduino development environment, and other hardware devices.

  5. Professional Software: Tableau Big Data Visualization Software, IBM SPSS AMOS 20.0 Big Data Statistical Analysis Software, SAP-BI Business Intelligence Software, V-Point Executive Information System Software, Expert Choice 11.5 Decision Software, etc.