The Information Management Department aims to cultivate the talents specializing in the information system and the management. In order to tend upon the demands of the talents of information domestically, we utilize the academic leadership to develop the information technical industry. Upon facing the information technical in twenty-first century and the critical moment of the comprehensive development, we will propose a measure in a professional viewpoint to assist our students accept the new challenge successfully. Otherwise, we have the aptitude and professional faculty. We also cooperate with other departments in the College of Management in order to make our department develop in a diversity way.

The Information Management Department was established in 2002, under the College of Management. It offers an undergraduate program. In 2009, the master program was established. At the primary period, Wen-Tsung Lo engaged in the chairman. Afterward, four professors led the IM department who are Tzer-Shyong Chen, Chin-Shan Wu, Fang-Yie Leu, and Jeng-Wei Lin. Tzer-Shyong Chen is the Chairman in this year. All the faculties work hardly in the department that we strive for the greatness in teaching and researching and we have a comprehensively progress during these years. The expertise of our faculty aims at the development of teaching and research. The department is deeply recognized in teaching and research. We will gradually hire new professors and extend our faculty to cultivate our students.