The Information Management Department was founded in 2002, aiming to nurture future professionals in information management, and help them be versatilely educated in information systems so as to make their learning meet requirements of being professionals in this domain. In fact, an information industry needs well-educated professionals, not only engineers but also managers. Our department is helpful in business society of Taiwan, particularly in this quick advanced era of information and networking technologies in the 21st Century.

Our education goal is to nurture and shape students into professionals.
Accordingly our education process can be classified into the following stages:

  1. Basic management skills stage: includes
    (1) business administration
    (2)information technology
    (3)system analysis and design and other special skills.
  2. Information system analysis and development of special skills stage: the course includes information system analysis and design, object oriented programming, web programming, etc.
  3. Advanced information system application skills stage: the course includes internet security and management, artificial intelligence, intelligence agents, group decision support system, management information system, etc
  4. All-round solution to enterprise information training stage: the last stage is the integration of all the stages above; its object is to train students in the professional application of their skills in a computerized business world, and to supply professionals who can provide all-round business solution.

Career options of our students
Since our curriculum emphasizes both information technology and management science in addition to the combination logic and application, therefore a student, whether choosing to seek employment or to pursue further education, has adequate knowledge and ability to face future challenges. The two aspects, pursuing further education, and employment, are stated below:

  • Primary channel of further education
    (1)information management graduate institute
    (2)information engineering graduate institute
    (3)business administration graduate institute
    (4)management science graduate institute
    (5)science and technology graduate institute
  • A graduate student may opt for the following careers in the future
    (1)Domestic or international enterprise information professional
    (2)Software professional
    (3)Information professional at governmental organizations
    (4)Low level manager or research and development professional at information consultant   companies
    (5)Basic information education professional
    (6)Start their own business; multimedia systems professional; developer of computer aided education system


Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate Program

To receive a Bachelor's degree from this university, a student is required to complete a minimum of 128 credits, which contain 14 credits of basic requirements, and 14 credits of the courses covering at least 3 areas from four, including Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Sciences.

Among the 128 credits, at least 25 credits of elective education courses from the Department of Information Management are necessary. In addition, each student has to join our e-business group or Internet security group and take at least 12 credits of the group.

  • English Proficiency Test and Graduation Threshold For Undergraduate Students
    (1) GEPT intermediate –Listening & Reading Test
    (2) TOEFL iBT_52 and above
    (3) TOEIC Listening & Reading_550 and above
    (4) IELTS_5 and above
    (5) FLPT_195 and above
    (6) (CMS) PET and above
    (7) (BULATS) ALTE Level 2 and above
    (8) (Anglia Ascentis) Pre-Intermediate
    (9) Others
  • Note: Students, having taken one of the above tests but unable to meet the criteria, must take at least 3 credits of elective education courses in English for remedy.


Graduate Program

To receive a Master's degree from this department, a student is required to complete a minimum of 34 credits, including 13 credits of required courses and 21 credits of elective courses all from Department of Information Management. If a student would like enroll other related master courses from other departments or schools, he/she must be agreed by his/her advisors or chairperson of this department, and 6 credits are the upper limit.

Students entering this department in or after 2009 should submit their papers rewritten from their theses to a conference or journal and be accepted before they can apply for oral examination.